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Katowice Open

Rules of a Tennis Fan


  1. No photo or video cameras or any other image recording devices are permitted on the premises of the Spodek Hall.
  2. When in the stands, mute or turn off your mobile phone.
  3. During a rally, please keep absolutely quiet.
  4. You can enter or leave the stands during the match only after odd games when the players are changing ends or after the set is finished.
  5. During a rally, do not leave your seat and do not move around the court.
  6. Refrain from applauding until the end of a rally.
  7. It is inappropriate to applaud faults and mistakes.
  8. Do not use flashlight when taking photos with your mobile phone, tablet or any other device.
  9. If the ball is played into the stands, immediately pass it to the nearest ball boy or ball girl.
  10. When leaving the stands, make sure you take all your personal belongings with you and do not leave any litter behind.