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Katowice Open


Spectator and sports hall "Spodek" is the most recognisable sports hall in Poland. The building was thoroughly reconstructed between 2008-2012. The main hall capacity is 11,020 seats. The usable area amounts to nearly 30,000 m2. The hall is additionally equipped with, inter alia, CCTV system, internal cable TV, IT system, two scoreboards adapted to the requirements of world sports associations, a suspended cone-shaped external telebeam, BMS (Building Management System), along with external and internal monitoring. The location proved highly successful during the previous two editions of the Tournament.

Contact:  "Spodek" Hall, Al. Korfantego 35, 40-005 Katowice, tel.: (32) 253-87-33.


International Congress Centre in Katowice is multifunctional complex service facilities classified as a public building. A part of the new investment of total surface area reaching nearly 39,000 m2 is a widely accessible green zone of a diagonal passage through the roof of the building forming the shape of a valley in that place. The main foyer joins the entry from the side of "honorary" square in front of "Spodek" hall with the exit from Olimpijska street (currently being designed). Marking these spaces as public sets an important city-making element for the postindustrial area on which ICC building was designed.

Contact: Katowice City Council, ul. Młyńska 4, 40-098 Katowice, tel.: (32) 253 93 96.